I was a member of a work-group in an advanced AutoCAD course, instructed by Cindy, in September 2008. Including college, this was my 4th formal Cad course and I've been using the program for years. Needless to say, I didn't expect to learn much...but was quickly surprised (and humbled) by her superior knowledge and her natural teaching style. Cindy showed me numerous ways to improve my drawings and save time. Our class had students of varying knowledge levels, from engineers to tradesman, and Cindy easily adjusted her explanations to suit the individual. Upon returning to work, I showed many fellow engineers these new techniques and our overall office AutoCAD efficiency has greatly improved. Now, I'm considered one of the resident experts... Cindy and I know who the real expert is : )..Cindy continues to help me when I run into problems or have questions. I highly recommend CCAD to anyone seeking top-notched AutoCAD training."

--- Richard Lowman, Sr., Naval Architect at Trident Refit Facility, Naval Submarine Base

Cindy was hired to teach AutoCAD to the Eltech Engineering Department. She proved to be an excellent teacher with a commanding knowledge of AutoCAD. Her limitless patience and teaching skills resulted in the engineering department becoming proficient with AutoCAD. She also managed to make the classes fun."

--- Andy Niksa, COO at Water Star, Inc.

Cindy has done an excellent job for us whenever we've employed her services. Whether teaching AutoCAD or consulting she is the best resource for CAD systems we know. Plus our people like her personality."

--- Chip Hautala, Principal | MotionSource International

Cindy was able to teach me how to manage AutoCAD in a way that I could make the transition from hand drafting to CAD. Scaling, viewports, layers, and blocks all became reasonable to me in a few quick lessons. Before learning from Cindy, I was completely inept and now I can create AutoCAD documents that are predictable and look the way I want them to. If I have a problem with AutoCAD that I can't deal with, I call Cindy. She has helped me in my office and I have taken lessons at her office. If I am uncertain how well a potential employee understands CADD, I have sent them to Cindy for evaluation. Cindy is a lot of help and easy to work with."

--- David Ellison, Architect and owner at The D. H. Ellison Co.

Cindy knows the Autodesk products thoroughly and can resolve any issues with linking AutoCAD to networks, LISP commands and programming, as well as classes to teach individuals on the finer points of using AutoCAD."

--- Chris Van De Motter, President at Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

Simplex-IT (my company) can't be an expert in everything. We depend on vertical experts like Cindy to provide additional support to our customers when needed. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and Cindy has delivered that every time! And with as complicated a tool as AutoCAD, that's saying something."

--- Bob Coppedge, Owner at Simplex-IT

I have worked with Cindy Dunn, President, AutoCAD Expert at CCAD Inc. many times over the last 15 years. As a business owner/operations officer of a technical IT training company, my responsibilities included seeking out qualified, seasoned professionals to represent the company to our vast array of clientele.

In my opinion, Cindy ranks in the top five when it comes to personality, professionalism, and dependability. With very little interaction after the initial contact, I know Cindy will contact the client and represent the company in the same manner I would as the owner. In most cases, if her invoice didn't arrive, I could easily forget she delivered a course. She is very experienced with people and what I consider a class act. She delivers quality in every aspect. Her evaluations reflect her high standard for excellence.

I have recommended Cindy without hesitation to other businesses that benefit from her services. I am happy to write this recommendation on Cindy's behalf. "

--- Kelly Joy, CEO at Software Technology Computer Training Center, Inc.

We purchased some of Cindy's AutoCAD dd-ons and are very happy with them. She offers very useful applications at a reasonable cost."

--- Steve Chestnut, CAD Coordinator at Monsanto AG_Engineering

Cindy was able to offer HBC customized functions with our CAD programs that helped increase production and also maintain organization with our CAD library. She is helpful and open minded. I strongly recommend her services to other Architectural firms."

--- Ralph Castelli, AIA, Owner at Howell Belanger Castelli Architects, P.C.

I used Cindy for specific CAD services from the mid-80s when I owned a manufacturing company. Although we could have done these tasks in-house, it was more economical and faster to use Cindy. Since I sold that company, I have recommended her to the subsequent owners, who have continued to use her with great results. I highly recommend her.

--- Craig de Fasselle, Partner at Blitz Media Design