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Steel Shapes for AutoCAD

W, HP, M, S, WT, MT, ST, Channels, Angles, Pipe and Tubing

Steel Shapes Toolbar

Steel Shapes is a program for AutoCAD that draws End, Side and Top views of common structural steel shapes (members), conforming to AISC Steel Construction Manual, 13th edition.

Features include:

The installed program includes a toolbar and ribbon (AutoCAD 2009 and up) for choosing commands. Structural steel shapes (members) outlines are drawn as polylines. Center lines, hatches and edges grouped with the polylines to make it easy to manipulate the member.

Steel Shapes by CCAD inc. works with AutoCAD r14 and later but does not work with AutoCAD LT.

W Shapes: 44 - 4 Steel Shapes Dialog Box

HP Shapes: 14 - 8

M Shapes: 14 - 5

S Shapes: 24 - 3

WT Shapes: 18 - 2

MT Shapes: 7 - 9

ST Shapes: 12 - 1.5

Channels: 15 - 0.75

Channels: Misc. 18 - 6

Angles: 9 to 1

Pipes: Std, Ex Strong & Double-Strong

Square Tubing: 16 x 16 to 2 x 2

Rectangular Tubing: 20 x 12 to 3 x 2